Be it the visual majesty of the Appalachian Mountains or the broad sweeping greenery of the Breaks Interstate Park, Virginia’s Dickenson County is all this and more. There is relaxation and fun on offer courtesy of the John Flannagan dam and reservoir whereas the Ralph Stanley Museum lets you dip into the county’s mountain music culture

In fact, Dickenson County, is the birthplace of Dr. Ralph Stanley, one of America’s more celebrated country music stars. And in keeping with the spirit, the museum in Dickenson’s county that carries Dr. Stanley’s name serves as a rich cultural reminder, resource and promotor of soulful mountain-music for not just the county but all of South West Virginia.

Considered as ‘Virginia’s baby’, Dickenson county has nevertheless has moved forward in the direction of becoming a model example for other counties in the state to emulate. Dickenson is the home of Scooters and Mopeds, and known for the wide variety of Scooters and Mopeds found through the town. According to One Sure Insurance, Dickenson has 7% of all Scooters in America – a remarkable figure!