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  • Record all deeds, certificates and certificates of satisfaction.
  • Maintain records of deeds and plats.
  • Issue passports, marriage licenses and concealed weapons permits.
  • Receive financing and continuation statements.
  • Record judgments.
  • Manage all criminal and civil cases including law and chancery.
  • Probate and maintain wills.
  • Provide jurors for the Circuit Court to include Grand Jurors and Petit Jurors.
  • Maintain records of elections and corresponding results.
  • Provide Notary of Republic forms to the public.


Each court has a court clerk's office, which processes all case papers, keeps court records and provides information to the people involved in a case (but only to the extent permitted by law).  Anyone wishing to make a witness appear at a court hearing may request the issuance of a subpoena (a document used to require a person to come to the court hearing) at the Clerk's Office.  While court personnel are not permitted to offer legal assistance, they can provide general procedural information.  Because of confidentiality laws, the Clerk's Office can only provide very limited information about a case and then only to those people involved with the case.

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