The Dam and Outlet

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Construction of the Dam, Spillway, and Outlet Works began in 1960 and was completed by 1964. The Dam is 250 feet high and 916 feet long. The earth-filled Dam was constructed of rock with a central clay core which prevents water from passing through the Dam. A 1,145 acre lake is formed behind the Dam with almost 40 miles of shoreline.

The emergency Spillway is south of the Dam. The Spillway contains six 42-foot by 38-foot gates which are used to control high water and prevent the lake from flowing over its limits.

The Outlet Works consists of an intake structure and an outlet tunnel. The 262-foot high intake structure is located north of the Dam.  The Outlet Works contains the 8-foot by 4-foot gates which control the amount of water released into the Pound River.

The water passes through these gates and into the 867-foot long,
16-foot diameter outlet tunnel which is cut through the mountain.

On a daily basis, over 1 million gallons of water is taken from the lake by the independent John W. Flannagan Water Authority. The water is then treated and used by local water service authorities in the two counties.

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