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The registrar will send a voter registration card with the name and location of your polling place. If you no longer have your voter card, your Congressional, Senatorial, and House Districts are listed below. Dickenson County is Congressional District 09, Senate District 38 and House District 002.  You may also go to the Virginia State Web Site to find your polling place information.


District 1, Clintwood District

Precinct Number: 101
Precinct: South Clintwood
Voting Place: Clintwood High School
Address: 5600 Dickenson Highway, Clintwood, VA


District 2, Ervinton District

Precinct Number: 201
Precinct: Nora
Voting Place: Ervinton Elementary School
Address: 195 Ervinton Circle, Nora, VA

Precinct Number: 202
Precinct: Frying Pan
Voting Place: Old Sulphur Springs School

Precinct Number: 203
Precinct: Clinchco
Voting Place: Clinchco Elementary School
Address: 198 Cardinal Street, Clinchco, VA


District 3, Kenady District

Precinct Number: 301
Precinct: West Dante
Voting Place: Brushy Ridge Community Center
Address: 5562 Brushy Ridge Road, Nora, VA

Precinct Number: 302
Precinct: Herald
Voting Place: Ervinton Elementary School
Address: 195 Ervinton Circle, Nora, VA

Precinct Number: 303
Precinct: Ridge
Voting Place: Voting Building

Precinct Number: 304
Precinct: Longs Fork
Voting Place: Longs Fork Elementary School
Address: 1280 Browning Hollow, Clintwood, VA


District 4, Sandlick District

Precinct Number: 401
Precinct: Colley
Voting Place: Sandlick Elementary School
Address: 186 Anderson Lane, Birchleaf, VA

Precinct Number: 402
Precinct: Haysi
Voting Place: Haysi High School
Address:196 Tiger Circle, Haysi, VA


District 5, Willis District

Precinct Number: 501
Precinct: Tarpon
Voting Place: Voting Building

Precinct Number: 502
Precinct: Artrip
Voting Place: Artrip Mullins Ridge

Precinct Number: 503
Precinct: North Clintwood
Voting Place: Dickenson County Courthouse
Address: 293 Clintwood Main Street, Clintwood, VA

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